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Product Review: bare. cleaning products

There is nothing I enjoy more than supporting amazing local business ladies in Niagara. I met Rachel of Miss’es Clean about a year ago when I became her “personal shopper” at The Post Office. She is an amazing lady and we have so much fun spending her money ha ha ha.

Anyways, she has developed a new line of all natural cleaning products called bare. When I say developed – I mean literally developed. This girl is mixing each product herself at home! She knows EXACTLY what goes into each and every bottle.

We held her product launch this past week week at the store and I decided to give a couple of her products a try. I bought the Multi-Purpose Cleaner (made of water, castile soap, coconut oil, and certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils: lemon, lime, wild orange, grapefruit, mandarin, bergamot, tangerine, clementine, and vanilla absolute) and the Window & Glass Cleaner (water, distilled vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils: peppermint). Both products smell fresh and work flawlessly. The packaging is carefully thought out and purposeful.

If you’d like to try the full range of bare. products for yourself you can visit Rachel’s website www.missesclean.ca or come down to visit me at The Post Office in Thorold.

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